I’m a mom.  I’m also a teacher (for over 10 years!).  And there is little to no training that prepares me to actually sit down and teach my own (almost) four year old those early learning skills that I know he needs to know.  He doesn’t want to listen to me, he has a hard time focusing on what we’re doing and he does not find it fun.  Well… until now!  Let me introduce you to the Kindergarten Toolkit!  This wonderful product was created by my friend Carrie, a kindergarten teacher turned teacherpreneur!

What is the Kindergarten Toolkit?

“The Kindergarten Toolkit is a teaching tool for parents, grandparents or teachers to use with children ages 2 thru 6 that fully prepares your child for Kindergarten.  It helps build a basic foundation of reading, writing and math skills as your child prepares to enter the early grades.  Start with your 2 year old with shapes and colors or start with your 6 year old the summer before Kindergarten and focus on all 10 Kindergarten goals!”

I love it so much because it includes everything that you might need including a spiral bound book of lessons that are differentiated to your child’s level.  And!  The lessons are simple and written in a way that any parent can be a “teacher” to their child – no prior education experience needed!

So, what does it include?

* The Toolkit booklet focuses on 10 main Kindergarten goals.
There are 3-4 mini lessons for each of the 10 goals. Supplemental pages in the back are designed to be copied for future assessments and lessons. You don’t want to write in the booklet so it can be used with multiple children!


* Four sets of flashcards
– Upper and lower case letters
– Numbers 1-20
– 25 Kindergarten sight words
-10 colors and shapes

*Also included is a whiteboard and pen to use with assessments and lessons. As well as a piece of sidewalk chalk for outdoor learning!  Sidewalk chalk!  Brilliant!

I was so impressed with how well-made and thorough this toolkit is.  Even as a former kindergarten teacher myself, I forgot what all needed to be done to prepare kids for kindergarten readiness!  I also love that it includes a whiteboard and marker/chalk so the writing component is also included!  My son’s favorite are the shape cards – because it is shape week at school!  So we’re able to connect it to his school setting at home!


Also, you have to follow @thekindergartentoolkit on Instagram!  Carrie does such an amazing job of giving you on-the-go learning activities and fun games to play everywhere from the car pickup line to the playground!  (I told you, she’s amazing!)

And this toolkit isn’t just for parents… Early childhood teachers from pre-school through first grade would find benefit in these activities to prepare their students for early kinder-readiness or to review those skills that may need practice!

Build your student’s confidence and help them be prepared to excel as they embark on their educational journey. Quality one-on-one time for at least 30 minutes a week using the Kindergarten Toolkit will help achieve that goal!

Go, go, go check it out!