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The Teacher Anchor + The Mint = A Match Made in Heaven!

I may not have mentioned it here before, but I am not crafty.  Like not even a little bit.  All of my teacher friends have so many DIY projects around their classrooms and they look ah-mazing.  I, on the other hand, could write a “Pinterest Fails” blog all my own.  But I digress…

So when the lovely ladies at Silhouette contacted me this past winter to see if I wanted to give their Curio and their recently released Mint a try, I was hesitant.  Could these products make, even the non-craftiest girl, a DIY-er???  We were about to see…

I jumped in head first by just putting the software on my computer and playing around with it.  The first thing I noticed was that it is so easy to use!  Being that I design in Adobe Illustrator, a lot of the keys and the commands were similar.  This made me feel comfortable and instantly “crafty”!

But my heart fell in love with the Mint, their stamp-making machine, right away.  As you know, I created the Teacher Anchor, an all in one lesson planning system to keep you organized in your classroom.  Part of the Teacher Anchor system is the sticker sheets that I offer.  While I love me a good sticker, I know that these aren’t always one-size fits all.  Sure, we all have field day and faculty meetings, but I know that there was never a way I could meet the needs of all the teachers with a sticker.  BUT, creating a stamp… now that is a way to do it!  Teachers can purchase the general sticker sheets for their Teacher Anchor, and then create a stamp with the Mint that would help to fill in the gaps, which is just what I did!

Here’s How Easy It Was

First, I had to think of what I wanted to design.  Although there is a parent contact log within the Teacher Anchor, I love the idea of having a place to write exactly who you contacted when.  And honestly, sometimes we need to remember when we touched-base with our principal, colleague, or even the repairman!  So I wanted to create a stamp that would fit all these forms of communication.  I played around with the idea of creating a sticker to say this, but the amount of stickers I would have to print to meet all the times we contact a parent or a member of administration would be, like, 372,283.

So, I designed my stamp within the software, chose my font (Fratello Nick), and sized it out.  Total time:  <5 minutes


Next, I inserted the stamp pad into the back of the machine and it immediately began to print!  Total printing time: 37 seconds.  Want to see a video of the Mint in action/how easy it is? Click here! 

Once my stamp was finished printing, I peeled it off of the insert and stuck it onto the wooden stamper (I’m sure there’s a more technical name for this).


Then it was time to choose an ink color.  The Mint comes with black, red, yellow, and blue.  I chose blue for this stamper and covered the whole pad with it.  I let it soak in for about 5 minutes and then wiped off the excess with my finger.  (Excuse the non-manicured nails.  Goodness!  Maybe I should use this stamp to contact my manicurist.)


Then I got to stampin’!  You can see that the stamp says: Contacted _______ via:

This is so you can write the person’s name and the method of communication via email, phone, snail mail, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, you get the point.


By stamping it right on your calendar, you have a quick reminder and documentation log of the event!  And we know how important thorough documentation is in the schools.  It’s everything!  Which is one of the reasons there are so many notes and documentation logs within the Teacher Anchor… because it is SO important.  And this handy little stamp now makes referring back to those forms of communication super easy!


And the total time I spent creating this stamp, was less than 10 minutes!  A teacher’s time is so valuable, so knowing how easy/simple/fast this is to use is just an added bonus.  And I can see this stamp being so practical even in the college courses I teach.  I am always communicating with colleagues and students throughout their course, so I know it will come in handy!

Now I don’t know if I’d officially call myself a “crafter” but I am LOVING the creativity that has come from using this machine.  I have a lot of other stamp ideas swirling around in my brain – both personal and professional.  Next up, stamps to say “A gift from Lincoln” so I can stamp all of the birthday presents that are from my son to his friends!

I would love to hear how you also use your Mint or what type of stamps you would create!  Hop on over to my Instagram or my Facebook Page to join the conversation!  And if you’d like to purchase your very own Teacher Anchor OR your very own Mint, visit the links below!

Teacher Anchor by C. Jayne Teach

Silhouette Mint

Happy crafting stamping!


*I was gifted a Curio and Mint by Silhouette, but the opinions and crafting are all my own!


Blog Love with Blogger Friends!

Today’s blog love is a fun one for me because these two gals have been so supportive of C. Jayne Teach from the very beginning and I’m happy to now call them friends of mine!

Fun fact: back in 2012, a friend emailed me a link to this newfangled TpT website.  I was skeptical about buying anything from another teacher (because what if it wasn’t good, right?!?!  And then I just PAID for it?!?) but I decided to take the leap and bought the Candy Corn bandit from Babbling Abby at the Inspired Apple.  It was not only cute and well done, but my kids LOVED it!  To be honest, I rarely bought things from TpT during my last year in the classroom, but when I did, it was almost always from Abby.  So imagine my surprise when Abby agreed to help me launch C. Jayne Teach in 2013 with a product review and blog post!  I was elated then and have been so happy to connect with her every year to celebrate babies, mommy victories, and life!

Along those same lines, Katie King was also one of the first bloggers to agree to help promote C. Jayne Teach!  She was so gracious about offering to review some products!  When some of the blogger gals traveled to Nashville a few years ago, Katie texted me and invited me out to dinner and dancing with them!  I would normally have been so nervous but Katie’s warm personality made me feel so comfortable!  I had so much fun with the girls (Abby included!) and we’ve kept in touch ever since.  I’ve also enjoyed celebrating new babies and new homes with her!

I’m so grateful for both of their support and friendship and I encourage you to check out their blogs this week to see their latest review of the C. Jayne Teach shop.  And while you are there, you MUST see Abby’s “The Science of May” and Katie’s “Rooted in Reading” series.  They are both incredible!  Such talent!

Katie is giving away her homophone unit below, so enter to win!  Also head on over to Abby’s blog to join in a little giveaway over there for a shop credit and a Teacher Anchor®!  Thanks again girls!  You are the best!  xo

Win Teacher Anchors For Your Whole Team!

Last year this was one of our most successful giveaways – the chance to win a Teacher Anchor® for you and for the rest of your grade level team!  Hooray!

To enter, see the Rafflecopter requirements below.  Giveaway will run from May 6 through midnight on May 9th.  Winner will be announced on May 10th!  Yay!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Fine print: Limit 6.  Verification may be required.  Giveaway is for the spiral portion of the Teacher Anchor system with a voucher for the binder component.  Participants must follow @cjayneteach on Instagram and sign up for the newsletter to win.  All rights reserved.
What you aren’t doing in your classroom that you should be.

Kelli Alaina is an amazing blogger and leader of the teacherpreneur movement.  She consults with teachers, hosts fun chats on her FB page, and provides content on her blog that helps teachers in any stage of their entrepreneurial journey.  It has been such a pleasure to get to know her and I’m so excited about an interview we did recently!

I was sharing with Kelli the struggles that I see, not only in my own classroom, but also in my student’s classrooms (my students are at the collegiate level and are typically in their M.Ed or licensure programs).  In the interview, I share the tips that I give my students no matter what stage of their teaching career they are in.  I have some pre-service and first years and also some veteran classroom teachers who take my classes.  I see them not doing critical and simple things each day that is detrimental to their planning flow and their student development!  To hear more, please join me over at Kelli Alaina’s blog! In addition, I’m also sharing practical lesson plan tips, giving a preview of how the Teacher Anchor® was created, and walking you through the entire system!

After you’ve visited her blog, come join us in the #TeacherpreneurTribe Facebook group to enter to win a Teacher Anchor® and also a copy of Kelli’s Goal Diggers Fun book!

Goal Diggers Funbook Cover

Good luck!

Hooray! Today’s the Day!

Welcome to the all new C. Jayne Teach shop and blog!  I am so happy you are here.  This site is a long time in the making and I can’t thank Love Inspired, Nicole Yang, Meredith Teasley, and Whitney Williams for all of their contributions to the site!

I hope you’ll shop the all new Teacher Anchor® for 2016-17.  It is so beautiful in person.  I am so proud of it’s evolution and all of the features that have been added this year (More cover options!  More forms!  Metallic ink!  Pocket!)  Also the new collection of desk accessories, teacher gifts, and stationery is so pretty and simple.  I’m just so proud of how it all came together.

All month long we are celebrating with my favorite bloggers and friends and giving away over a thousand dollars worth of prizes (Eeeee!)  I am SO excited!  And today we are kicking off with some great TpT shops!


Today you can enter to win a $15 gift card to my dear friend Amanda’s TpT shop as well as a $15 credit to Kristen and a a $25 credit to Michelle’s TpT stores!  Yay!  The giveaway will only run until tomorrow night, so enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And make sure you come back all week to enter more giveaways!  I’m so happy you’re here!

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