Today’s blog love is a fun one for me because these two gals have been so supportive of C. Jayne Teach from the very beginning and I’m happy to now call them friends of mine!

Fun fact: back in 2012, a friend emailed me a link to this newfangled TpT website.  I was skeptical about buying anything from another teacher (because what if it wasn’t good, right?!?!  And then I just PAID for it?!?) but I decided to take the leap and bought the Candy Corn bandit from Babbling Abby at the Inspired Apple.  It was not only cute and well done, but my kids LOVED it!  To be honest, I rarely bought things from TpT during my last year in the classroom, but when I did, it was almost always from Abby.  So imagine my surprise when Abby agreed to help me launch C. Jayne Teach in 2013 with a product review and blog post!  I was elated then and have been so happy to connect with her every year to celebrate babies, mommy victories, and life!

Along those same lines, Katie King was also one of the first bloggers to agree to help promote C. Jayne Teach!  She was so gracious about offering to review some products!  When some of the blogger gals traveled to Nashville a few years ago, Katie texted me and invited me out to dinner and dancing with them!  I would normally have been so nervous but Katie’s warm personality made me feel so comfortable!  I had so much fun with the girls (Abby included!) and we’ve kept in touch ever since.  I’ve also enjoyed celebrating new babies and new homes with her!

I’m so grateful for both of their support and friendship and I encourage you to check out their blogs this week to see their latest review of the C. Jayne Teach shop.  And while you are there, you MUST see Abby’s “The Science of May” and Katie’s “Rooted in Reading” series.  They are both incredible!  Such talent!

Katie is giving away her homophone unit below, so enter to win!  Also head on over to Abby’s blog to join in a little giveaway over there for a shop credit and a Teacher Anchor®!  Thanks again girls!  You are the best!  xo