Okay, so as you know, I recently partnered with Silhouette to showcase their super amazing Mint stamp-making machine.  I loved the Mint and got such a great reaction to my “Contacted” stamp post, that I decided to show you how else I use it in the classroom, with another stamp that serves multiple purposes!

Now we all know how important small group work is, right?  I love conferencing with my students in multiple ways… individually, partner conferencing, and even small groups.  I typically have my student conferencing notepad on my desk with my schedule of who I need to meet with and when.  This is super helpful to keep me organized and help me plan for the progress monitoring of my students (thanks to my Teacher Anchor®!)  But occasionally, I’ll be running a small group and I will notice the need to meet additionally with one of my kiddos.  Let me give you a real-life example:

I am doing a writing prompt in small group following a guided reading.  I notice that one of my students, Susie, is still leaving out capital letters, even though we just wrapped a mini-lesson on this yesterday.  I note that I need to meet with her to just revisit this skill before moving on.  I used to jot down on a post-it my intentions of following up one-on-one with this student, but we all know how post-it’s just kind of disappear into the abyss of our classrooms, right?  I needed a call to action for this student so I can monitor her progress but also so I can make a physical step to plan for it within my day/week.

That’s where the stamp comes in!  I created a quick and simple stamp that allows me to not only remember to conference with Susie in the future, but also allows me to literally stamp it on the date that I plan on touching base with her!


It’s perfect, right?   I especially love that I can stamp it directly into my Teacher Anchor planner on the date that I want to meet with my student so it’s is done.  Scheduled!  And the word “schedule” signifies to me that I need to plan my content and get my ducks in a row before I actually sit down face to face with the student… pulling her portfolio or writers notebook, having an activity or teaching point ready, etc.  We must always be prepared!

And in case you missed my last post, creating it was super easy.  I just typed it up within my Mint software, sent it to the printer, added my ink and voila!  It took longer to decide on a font than to create my stamp!

CJTMint5 CJTMint6

But of course, this little stamp will not just serve our students… no, no, no!  Luckily, as teachers we have multiple people who we need to conference with.  When I say conference, you may think parents.  Well, you can use your stamp to schedule specific conferences or calls with parents too.  And the “regarding” line allows for you to focus on one reason for the conference so you can plan accordingly.


Sometimes we teachers even need to meet with our administration.  So I used this stamp in the “Reminders” section of my Teacher Anchor®, which allowed me to touch base with my principal to discuss my most recent observation!


The ways to use this are endless… IEP meetings, PLC meetings, colleague/grade level meetings… I could go on and on!  I’ve already found multiple ways to use it in just the first few weeks of school.

As I said in the opening picture of this post, the Mint belongs in your classroom!  Think personalized stamps, book stamps, reminder stamps, “Put your name on this” stamps (ha!), parent signature stamps, and on and on!  You can make yours on your very own Mint machine here!  And check out all of the other Silhouette options for you to make your life in the classroom easier too!


Happy New Year!