It has been a long time since I’ve posted on the blog!  I’ve been working hard on the 2017-18 collection and am ready to walk you through the newest edition of the Teacher Anchor®.  I recorded a Facebook video over on the C. Jayne Teach Facebook page, if you are more of a visual person.  But included here are lots of photos and information about the updates to this years edition.

What’s New?

  • more pages and room for up to 30 students in the grade book/log section
  • editable weekly lesson plans for printing or digital planning
  • goal setting and reflection pages
  • more Notes pages in the back

So this year I made some big changes to the Teacher Anchor based on the feedback I’ve received over the past 5 years.  The two big things are: more spaces in the student grade book section and an editable weekly lesson plan page.  The student grade book and log section used to only have 24 spaces, but I heard from lots of teachers with bigger class sizes.  So I increased the number of student spaces to 30 and also added more of these log pages to that section.  There is also a new student conferencing desk pad in the shop (on May 1st!) with lots of space for all of your group work, individual work, and goal setting each week!

I also decided to pull out the physical weekly planning pages from the Teacher Anchor.  I know, I know.  Some of you are worried about how will I plan now?!?!  No worries!  You have two options.  The first is to use these completely editable weekly planning pages for your digital lesson plans.  So many districts are moving towards electronic planning, including my own district.  So I felt like the physical pages weren’t being used as practically as they could be.  So now there is a digital option!  Once you purchase your Teacher Anchor, you will receive an instant automatic download for your planning pages.  Which means you can get started right away!

If you are still a paper/pencil type of teacher, then there is a solution for you too!  Last year, you had to copy your days of the week and subjects across your planner EVERY SINGLE WEEK!  What a pain.  Now you can pop in your days, subjects, and any reminders that you may need weekly (such as car duty every Monday, for example) and print!  Photocopy your pages front to back for as many weeks as you are in school.  If you don’t have access to free paper and ink at your school, I printed and photocopied 50 weeks of planning pages for $8.38 at my local printer here in town.

Once you have your pages, take them and your Teacher Anchor to your local printer.  Ask them to spiral hole punch your lesson plan pages and insert them for you.  They will be able to uncoil your Anchor, insert, and coil it back up!  Most printers will also do this completely FREE.  And if not, just tell them you are an educator.  😉  Bonus, your school may have a binding machine in the resource room.  In that case, you can use it to spiral punch and uncoil/recoil your planner yourself.

The other changes include more notes pages and goal setting and reflection pages to keep you super focused on your goals both personally and professionally this year.  Some advice I tell my first year teachers is to always think and reflect at the beginning of each year.  It’s so important to focus on what you want for your students and what you want for yourself.  With specific goals, you are able to focus and work towards them monthly, weekly, and daily.  It is so important to use these focus points to drive your instruction and progress monitoring.  That’s why I included these pages within this years edition so that you can follow the prompts to truly have your best year ever.

What’s the same?

  • Student progress monitoring forms
  • Classroom resources
  • Professional Development Log and Notes
  • Monthly Calendars and Prep Forms (but with an updated look!)

The signature of the Teacher Anchor are the student progress monitoring forms.  We have refined these forms and kept their core focused on student progress and development.  Included are conferencing forms, guided reading plans, graphic organizers, individual forms, substitute teacher notes, parent/conference forms and communication logs, and more to drive your instruction towards maximum student success.

The monthly calendars also got an updated look with more detailed monthly overview and prep pages for both whole group and small group.  And I’ve build in a little more white space for you to fill as you see fit!  All the other resources within the Teacher Anchor are the same that you have come to love with space for student information, parent information, dividers with checklists and tips, and a handy pocket in the back!  All in two new designs for you to choose from this year!

The 2017-18 Teacher Anchors will begin pre-orders on May 1st.  We have two covers to choose from: stripe and buffalo check.  The coordinating binders are also available and can be personalized with your name and/or school.

Also the shop is opening May 1st as well with lots of fun new products – notepads, stickers, personalized tote bags, and more!  So make sure you mark your calendar.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me via the website and don’t forget to check out the video over on the Facebook page!  Hope to see you on May 1st and together we will make this your best year ever!