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*NEW* Products!!! Go Team!

So the last round of products for back to school have officially launched as of this morning and I am so excited about them.  Some of my favorite pieces are included in this round, including these adorable desk organizers for your classroom or your home (this GLITTER one is amazing in person).  I actually had a lot of requests recently to do something in your alma mater colors.  We love our teams here in our house (Go Buckeyes!), so it just felt right to create something to show some school spirit.  When I was in the classroom, I had a tray on my desk at school, but it wasn’t as pretty or fun.  SO the desk organizer was born!  I had so much fun designing and creating these pieces with your school colors in mind (even you, Michigan fans).  And do you know that schools typically have “brand guides” where they give a specific CMYK code for their school colors?  Well they do and I was able to color match the perfect crimson to the perfect gray and the perfect navy to the perfect burnt orange, etc!  It was SO fun!  And If you don’t see your school colors, contact me and I’ll get you all fixed up in time for kick-off!

The trays are now available in 14 color combinations and three designs, and are perfect for collecting paperwork at school, arranging your desk supplies on, or serving up some chips, guac, and drinks during the big game!  I have this scarlet and gray one and also this black and gold one to use during the Commodore and Buckeye games!  I plan on posting some photos of them in action on Instagram (@cjayneteach) this weekend!


And by popular demand, we now have PERSONALIZED DESK CALENDARS and POCKET FOLDERS!  I am in love with our simple desk calendars.  I use one at home to schedule meals, appointments, and office hours.  And it’s only Monday through Friday!  So it forces me to NOT plan any school work on the weekends, which is ah-mazing for our family.  I tend to stretch myself too thin at times and this is a nice subtle reminder.  Plus with my name at the top and a cute polka dot, what’s not to love?

The pocket folders are a way for your to customize your Teacher Anchor.  I had many requests to monogram the Anchors and it just isn’t feasible (bummer, I know).  So, these folders are an inexpensive way to organize your Teacher Anchor to hold all of your important papers or extra blank data sheets.  And with 10 designs and your monogram, it’s just the personal touch you may need!  Plus you have the option to hole punch, should you want to just use it as a folder for your desk or even for your students!

And… we now have Gift Cards!


Now you can give the gift of C. Jayne Teach all year round with our e-gift cards!  Sold in increments of $25 and $50 you can buy one (or two) for all of your favorite teachers!   Perfect for Back-to-School gifts or teacher birthdays!

I hope you all have an amazing long weekend that is filled with lots of friends, family, and football!  Go out, enjoy the sunshine, and NO school work, ok?  You deserve a break because I know how hard you’ve worked to get your classroom and your students ready (or your family ready to start back to school).  So enjoy yourself, do a little shopping and GO TEAM!


PS:  Big hugs to Jen for her sweet feature about C. Jayne Teach!  Jen writes for the middle grade set, so I’m thrilled to see a feature in that age level!  Thanks Jen!

Blog Love + Sneak Peek of NEW products

I am so excited about these next two blog features from The Teacher Diva and Queen of the First Grade Jungle!

I’ve been a fan of Ashley’s from The Teacher Diva for quite awhile now.  If you follow me on Instagram (@cjayneteach) then you know I recently mentioned my fashion blogging past.  Although teaching has always been my passion, I say that if I could have a second career, it would be in the fashion industry.  I love LOVE it.  I follow lots of fashion blogs and subscribe to Elle and Marie Claire right along with my Real Simple.  And Ashley’s blog is no exception.  I love her fashionable style and her mix of high/low price points.  It’s exactly how I like to shop and I her inspiration is spot on.  Plus I think our aesthetics are very closely matched… clean, simple, sophisticated design.  So I was thrilled to hear that she wanted to partner up to review some of my products.  She’s showing you a sneak peek into her classroom here and has a few C. Jayne Teach products on display!  Her photography of the products is really great and I’m so excited to be featured!  Thanks, Ashley!

Katie from Queen of the First Grade Jungle is another blog I’ve followed as a first grade teacher (not to mention she is just as sweet as pie).  Her ideas are really great for all of you elementary teachers and she has some super cute cute cute things in her TpT store (um, that superhero B2S unit is awesome!)  I had asked Katie to brainstorm some things she’d like to see in the shop and one of the things she mentioned were desk calendars.  I was actually already working on a desk calendar idea and she gave me the additional encouragement to go through with it!  So I’m excited to announce that Katie is giving away a brand new, not even released yet, desk calendar on her site!  Head on over to enter to win.  And I’ll be releasing a lot of fun new products this Friday, August 31st just in time for the full Back-to-School swing of things!!!  (Because maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t feel like school time until Labor Day)

So here’s a little sneak peek of some new products to hit the shop later this week.  Enjoy!

Personalized Desk Calendars ($32)


Personalized two-pocket folders ($7.95)

With ten different designs and colors, these are sure to fit your personal classroom style.  And these are sold with the option of hole-punching them to use IN your Teacher Anchor!!!

CJT_MultiChevron CJT_AnchorFolder

And one of my very favorite new products…

Paper Trays & Desk Organizers (starting at $39)

CJT_TurnInTray CJT_BlueGlitterTray


How amazing is that GLITTER??? Ah!  And you can customize colors and monograms to fit your classroom design (or your living room/home office)!  Plus, I always had a “turn-it-in bin” in my room.  This one will hold lots more paper and is waaay cuter than the old flimsy black one I was using.

Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter ( to be notified as soon as these beauties hit the shop and our Etsy store THIS Friday!!!  Yay!

Product Highlight: The 4-in-1 Desk Pad

One of the first things I designed and one of my most practical pieces in the shop is our desk pads.  As I teacher I had 435 lists hanging out all over my desks.  There were tons of sticky notes with pages to copy and reminders of parents to email back.  My laptop looked like a post-it graveyard because I had stickies all over the monitor.  Sound familiar?  So I knew I had to do something and fast.  I created the large 11×17 desk pads to combine four lists on ONE sheet.  So now you don’t have to keep track of all of those post-its that fly every where the second you get up from your desk.


One of the best parts about this notepad, is that it truly is four notepads in one.  Our small notepads that we sell in the shop are the exact size of each of these individual sections (see below).  Which means that each section is nice and big for all of your lists!


Plus there are 52 sheets on each pad, which means there’s one page for each week of the year.  Yay!

And you don’t only have to use the to-do or email list for school.  You can keep track of all of those dentist appointments, email reminders, and bake sales too!


And the “students to see” is meant to serve as a reminder for which students you still need to meet with.  You would plan all of your larger scale lesson plans with your student data sheets from your Teacher Anchor.


Finally, one of the MOST organized pieces to this notepad is the “pages to copy” section.  I don’t know any teachers who don’t need things copied on the reg.  Am I right?  I had parent volunteers who would come in and do nothing but copies things for me per week.  What a great way to list out all of your copies to assign to an EA or parent volunteer.  When you plan your lessons in your Teacher Anchor, then you use your “pages to copy” section to note what you need immediately, so you don’t begin a lesson without all of your supplies.  (How many times did I start a lesson, got halfway through and realized that I needed something copied and didn’t have it?!?!  Grrrr)


Our desk pads come in two different color schemes: warm stripe and green geo key.  Plus we also offer a rainbow stripe desk pad that’s completely blank, for all of your lists, notes, and doodles.  AND I’ll be rolling out two new 4-in-1 desk pad designs for the holiday season, so get ready!  Visit the shop or our Etsy store to purchase yours now!

Happy list making!



Little Red Writing Folders

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, writing workshop was a main staple of our curriculum, not to mention one of my very favorite things to teach.  I followed the Lucy Calkins units of study, but no matter what your program, you can easily structure your writing workshop (WW) in a fun and engaging way.  I’m going to go over how I set up my writing workshop and what it looked like each day.

Set Up

I had an area of the classroom that was for the writing cubbies.  I had a whole “Little Red Riding Hood” underlying theme to my writing workshop, so we often referred to this area as the “writing woods”.  The cubbies were made out of a sturdy oak that really stood up to first graders.  I had always envisioned tucking the cubbies away in the corner and surrounding them with paper trees that the art teacher would help me make.  I never got around to doing that, but how fun would that be???  Anyway, the writing woods was where our “little red writing folders” lived.


The little red writing folder was a sturdy plastic folder that held all of their work for each unit of study.  There were two pockets inside the folder – one for unfinished work and one for finished work.

On the first day of school, students begin writers workshop by writing a story or drawing pictures about their summer.  They immediately go into their folders after that first day.  Throughout the first few weeks of school, I am going through the routines of writing workshop per Lucy Calkins and we are creating lists and anchor charts about our writers workshop.  One of those lists that we constantly add to is titled: What to do when I think I’m finished and includes things like, “Go back and reread”, “check for punctuation”, “does it make sense”, etc.   Once the students are used to seeing these lists, then I staple them on the inside of the little red writing folders to give students a quick reference point.


We would start the writing workshop with a mini-lesson in our whole group.  Usually I would read a story, using an author to model good writing techniques and behaviors.  Sometimes we would do shared writing where the students would assist me as I worked on a large piece of paper and other times I would just write my own story, modeling out loud to the students how I think and act as a writer.  Writing workshop was typically first thing in the morning or first thing after lunch, so students were eager and ready to begin.

After the mini-lesson, students would move to their desks to do independent work.  Writing workshop was always a silent work time to allow others to think and concentrate on their stories.  We would occasionally dim the lights (but still keep it bright enough to see) and put on some soft music in the background.  Then I would circulate and conference with students one-on-one.  I would use the individual conferencing sheets in my Teacher Anchor to help me do this.  I would keep blank copies of the sheets on my clipboard and take notes as I met with each individual.

When the individual work time was over, we would come back to the circle and share as a whole group or they would partner up to peer share (We usually only peer shared once a week and only after I had done extensive mini-lessons on how to partner up, what to look for, and ways to help).  During the share time, I was also continuing to take notes on my conferencing forms.  After the workshop was over, I would hole punch all of my individual forms and put them in the students individual section of my Teacher Anchor.


At the end of each unit (usually about every 4 weeks), once we had published a story, celebrated and/or danced on our desks (which we only did once or twice a year so it didn’t lose it’s novelty), I would collect all of the students writing pieces from their folders and put them in my big gray filing cabinet in a file folder with their name on it.  We called this the “Big Bad Filing Cabinet” because it was gray and went with our Red Riding Hood theme.  I would file their work chronologically, always putting the most recent writing behind the others.  This was because on the very last day of school, I would present the students with their entire file folder of work from the whole year.  The look on their faces as they compare their last piece of writing with the one they did on the first day of school is my most favorite memory from the entire year!  The room fills with “oohs and aahs” and lots of laughter when they look back through their writing.  And it changes SO much!


Lil Red Writing Folders // NOW AVAILABLE

I am so excited to announce that the C. Jayne Teach shop is now carrying Little Red Writing folders!!!


Each folder is made out of thick, durable plastic and has the words “Little Red Writing Folder” written on the front.  Also there is a convenient space for their names on the front as well.  Inside the folder are two pockets, but that’s not the best part.  The best part are the checklists that are pre-printed on the inside!  So your students can refer to them throughout the year!

These are sold in sets of 22 or can be purchased individually.  We accept Purchase Orders and school wide orders so you can use your room account to pay for them.  You can also list these on your school supply lists and have your school parents purchase them individually right here.

They are currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping in September.  Yahoo!!!


How can you not have a successful year full of writing when you have your very own little red writing folders to accompany you on the journey?  Yay!

Product Highlight: How to set up and use your Teacher Anchor

Each week I’m going to be highlighting a different product from our shop and giving you tips and strategies to best use it in your classroom.  Of course, I am going to start with my favorite product and the cornerstone of the brand – The Teacher Anchor.  I’ll walk you through how to set it up and what to best use each sheet for.


I’ve mentioned it before, but I created the Teacher Anchor to be an all-in-one lesson planner, student progress monitoring, small group, and individual conferencing binder.  The idea is that everything is in one place for you to refer to it as you plan for whole group and individual student needs.  You can see more about the Anchor in the video here.  Also the FREE PRINTABLE LIBRARY is always available for you to download checklists, resources, and planners for FREE!!!

But let’s walk you through how to set it up and how to best use each sheet for your advantage.

Part 1 – Setting it up

Each Teacher Anchor comes with explanation sheets on how to set it up, but for those of you who haven’t read them or want an abbreviated version, this is for you.


The first thing I do is grab a handful of tab dividers.  You can get as many tabs as you want, but I grab 5 plus however many students I have (so if I have 20 students then I need 25 tab dividers).  The Teacher Anchor comes with two sheet set packets: the classroom planner and the student data sheet set.  I like to put the classroom planner first because it’s the big picture.  Then I put all my small group and individual tabs.  So with my label maker, I label as follows:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Small Group Schedule
  • Small Group Notes:Reading
  • Small Group Notes: Math
  • Running Records
  • Then 20 individual student tabs

Now that you have your tabs set, let’s begin planning whole group.

Part 2 – Whole Group Lesson Planning

The first part of the Teacher Anchor are your year-at-a-glance pages.


A teacher that recently purchased her Anchor, said to me, “We have so many standards to cover in fourth grade.  I think I may need more Yearly Planning pages.”  To which I explained, that that’s the beauty of a 3 ring binder system!  You have the ability to make copies of the pages you need more of and insert them accordingly!  I could never do that with my old spiral bound lesson planners.  So off she went to make 2-3 more copies of her yearly pages.

Once you’ve planned your big ideas, then it’s time to plan your lessons weekly.  The weekly pages are divided into 5 rows of large boxes for your various subjects.  This makes it easy for you if you departmentalize.  For example, if you are only a math teacher, you can plan for all of your separate math classes in each row for Monday-Friday because the subjects aren’t pre-written for you.  There is also a space for you to write out your weekly standards, plus a space for notes, reminders, and weekly duties.  But the best part is the reflection box!  I love thinking back on the week that was and focusing on positive things that happened.  It’s easy to dwell on a bad lesson or a tough evaluation, but when you’re forced to focus on what was great about your week, you can go into the next one with a happier attitude.


Some other fun sections of the Teacher Anchor are the substitute teacher notes, classroom volunteer planners, birthday pages, a blog and website log, plus a few pages to write what lights your heart on fire… and we all know how good those pages are for our soul (read more here).  Check out a few of them below (my apologies for the strange lighting in the photos… I took them myself and haven’t quite figured out my new camera yet!)

DSC_0009 DSC_0008

Part 3 – The Small Group and Individual Pages

When I was creating the Teacher Anchor, I thought about how I ran small groups and individual conferences with my students.  I had created forms just like you see in the Student Data sheet set and kept blank copies right next to my small group table.  So that I could easily pull one out when I was working with my students.  Then I’d hole punch it and put it in the correct section of my conferencing binder.  That’s the idea with the second half of the Teacher Anchor.

The first pages you receive are monthly and weekly small group lesson planning pages.  Some teachers plan their small groups by month, others by week.  I included both options so you could do what is best for you.  If I was planning weekly, I’d copy a stack of weekly pages and insert them into the “Small Group Schedule” tab.  Here is a sample of a weekly lesson plan.


Then I would keep a stack of blank small group pages next to my reading table.  Once I had planned for the week, I’d pull out a few small group notes and fill out the top two sections of each form.  I’d stick them in the “Small Group Notes” sections according to subjects.  Once the group had finished for the day, I’d immediately take notes on the rest of the lesson.  Here is an example of a completed one that I filled out after I had worked with a group.


I’d photocopy (or have my EA photocopy) one for each member of the group and stick it in their individual tabbed section.  You can do this at the end of the week so that you aren’t making trips to the copy room every day.

So to recap: before the lesson the small group form is in the “small group notes section”.  After the lesson or at the end of the week, it moves to an “individual student tab”. 

There are plenty of other forms included in the sheet set, such as a pre/post test checklist, running record forms, and an individual form.  You will probably notice on the examples of these below, that there are a few boxes that talk about the students attitude.  I found that these are extremely important when working with a student one on one.  Let me give you an example.  I worked at a school with a lot of high achieving students.  Occasionally we would be working on a skill that was extremely frustrating for them because of the complex nature.  By noting the child’s attitude, I was able to determine whether we should stick with this level of curriculum, go back and review, or move ahead with something more challenging.  It was a way to also report to the parents how the students were feeling with the curriculum.  Some parents wanted to know how their students felt about reading or how they do when faced with a piece of challenging math.  By noting their attitude each time, I was able to relay that information to the parents and also to evaluate what steps to take next.  Too frustrated?  Then it must be too hard and we need to go back and review.  Just think of it as another method of differentiating.

CJT_WeeklyPlans StudentDataExampleRR StudentDataExample

To note which section each of these would go into:  I would keep the pre/post test in the small group notes for reading or math depending on the standard.  I kept the RR forms in the Running Record tab.  And I put all the individual notes in each students individual tab.

I think the most important thing to remember about your Teacher Anchor is that it has to best fit YOU and YOUR STUDENTS.  That is a reason I sell each piece of the Anchor separately.  If you just need the classroom planning sheet set because you are a special area teacher or you don’t see small groups, then you can purchase it plus the binder alone.  Of course I encourage you to buy the complete product.  Only then can you ensure that you are painting an accurate picture of your classroom, your students, and you are always meeting their needs.

Should you have any questions about the Anchor or want to see any additional images, please contact me.  I am happy to help.  Also I love to see pictures of how you are using your Anchor, so use the hashtag #teacheranchor on social media.  Also stay tuned to Instagram @cjayneteach for some sneak peeks of the NEW Teacher Anchor accessories that will be releasing soon!!!

And don’t forget about the FREE PRINTABLE LIBRARY where you can download a grade book, Common Core Checklists for ELA and math, room design pages, home-school planners, and lots more.  All of them are meant to be used in conjunction with your Teacher Anchor.

Happy planning!




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